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Create a list of all the bad things you want to forget about the year and bring it to the fire on New Year's Eve.

Toss it in the flames and watch it burn.


Please Note - We cannot accept donated wood or items to add to the bonfire.  Federal and state regulations limit the size of the fire and the type of wood that can be burned.  Items left at the site violate township dumping laws and have to be removed at a cost to the society.  Violators are subject to a fine.

Parking Information!!! Parking will be offsite at the Vision Management complex on Lenox Drive.  Visitors are asked to enter the lot at the light on Princeton Pike and Lenox Drive.  Follow the road to the rear lots, where you can either walk a lighted trail to Brearley House.  The Hogmanay Bonfire will take place in the Great Meadow behind the Brearley House and will be lit promptly at 6:00pm by our fire master, Due to state fire regulations, the bonfire will end at 8:00pm.

Please leave your pets at home.  The crowds at the bonfire do tend to be large, making it difficult to control animals that get excited or frightened by the crowd. The event is provided for free by the Society, but you may make a donation in the house or online.

A bagpiper will be onsite to entertain the crowd and the house will be open.

Paper and pencils will also be available for you to write down all the bad things from the previous year that you wish to toss into the fire. You are also invited to prepare a list in advance and bring it to the fire.


For more information, contact us via e-mail or call 609-213-1430.

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