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Lawrence Township Historical Word Search Answers

Assunpink Creek -- Tributary of the Delaware River. Site of delaying action during the Second Battle of Trenton.

Col Hand -- Leader of the Continental Army troops which fought a delaying action along Maidenhead Road (today's Route 206) during the Second Battle of Trenton.

Crossing Inn -- Famed African American nightclub. Hosted entertainers such as Duke Ellington, the Platters, Dinah Washington, James Brown and Little Richard. Was located in Eggerts Crossing.

David Brearley -- Founding Father from Lawrence. Served in the Continental Army and at the US Constitutional Convention, where he chaired a significant committee. Later became the first federal district judge for New Jersey.

Douglas Dickerson -- First casualty from Lawrence in the Vietnam War. The Community Center is named in his honor.

Eggerts Crossing -- Historically predominantly African-American community in Lawrence Township.

Eldridge Park -- Neighborhood located along Route 206. Formed in the early 20th century, Eldridge Park's population was predominantly Italian American.

James Lawrence  -- American naval officer and hero of the War of 1812 for whom Lawrence Township was named.

Jigger Shop -- Famed soda fountain shop located on Main Street across from The Lawrenceville School. 

Johnson Trolley -- Trolley line which ran through Lawrence, connecting Trenton and Princeton in the early 20th century. 

Lawrenceville -- One of Lawrence Township's original villages. Located along Main Street. 

Lenni Lenape -- Indigenous people who lived in Central Jersey prior to colonization by European settlers.

Lewisville -- Located on Lewisville Road, Lawrenceville's oldest African American community. 

Maidenhead -- Lawrence Township's original name, prior to its renaming in the early 19th century in honor of James Lawrence.

Mary Tanner -- First woman elected to the Lawrence Township Council, serving from 1976-1981. Also instrumental in raising funds and public support for restoration of the Brearley House. The Lawrence Historical Society holds a lecture each October in honor of Tanner.

Port Mercer -- Community located on Quakerbridge Road, along the Delaware & Raritan Canal. Home of the Port Mercer Bridgetenders' House.

Princessville -- African American community formerly situated near the intersection of Lewisville Road and Princeton Pike. Included the site of the Princessville Inn.

Slackwood -- Lawrence Township's southern-most village. Named after two developers: Joseph Slack and William Wood.

Winona Nash -- former township historian from 1989-2002 who was responsible for organizing the township's historical archives. The Lawrence Historical Society's annual award for student excellence in history is named after Nash.

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