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Veteran Profiles By Nick Loveless

In October 2019, longtime Lawrence resident and Lawrence Historical Society lifetime member Nicholas Loveless passed away.  Nick was a fixture at Society events and was very active in the Lawrence community.  A veteran of World War II and the Korean War, Nick was a involved in several efforts to remember our town's veterans.  A member of the Veterans Memorial Committee, Nick had a hand in the creation of Veterans Park, as well as the Roll of Honor plaques in the Municipal Building that list the Lawrence residents who have served during times of war.  Loveless was also known for putting out flags near veteran graves in the Princessville Cemetery on Princeton Pike every Memorial Day and was involved in planning each year's Veterans Day ceremonies.


Following a 27 year career in the Army Air Force and United States Air Force as a gunner on B series bombers, Nick came home and joined the Lawrence Township Police Department in 1954 and moved his way up to Chief of Police before retiring in 1990.  He also was a Christmas tree farmer and sold his land to the township in 2017, an area now known as the Loveless Nature Preserve.

One of Nick's lasting legacies to the veterans of Lawrence and Lawrence Township history is a series of veteran profile articles he wrote for The Lawrence Ledger.  The series began 25 years ago, with the first article published in March 1995.  In celebration of Nick's life and the the 25th Anniversary of the series, Lawrence Historical Society has been granted permission by the publisher of The Lawrence Ledger to digitize and make available these articles.  We are very thankful to NewspaperMediaGroup for allowing us to bring these pieces to you and the Office of The Lawrence Township Historian for lending us copies of the articles to digitize.

Veteran Profiles (original publication date):

Jim Hewitt (March 2, 1995)                                       George Erickson (March 9, 1995)                            Bill Kishler (March 16, 1995)

Bob Simonelli (March 23, 1995)                                Harry Loveless (March 30, 1995)                           Jerry Festa (April 6, 1995)

Fred Deutscher (April 13, 1995)                                Raymond Mount (April 20, 1995)                            Anthony Dawidowski (April 27, 1995) 

Winfield Lacey (May 4, 1995)                                     Joseph Fienberg (May 11, 1995)                             Brian Lesslie (May 18, 1995)

Richard Seabridge (May 25, 1995)                            Arthur Robinson (June 1, 1995)                              Bob Black (June 8, 1995)

Joseph File (June 15, 1995)                                       Iona and Creed Myers (June 22, 1995)                   John Harley (June 29, 1995)

Jim Calderone (July 6, 1995)                                     Kiska (July 13, 1995)                                                Daniel DiSylvester (July 20, 1995)

Mildred and Herschel Hutsinpiller (July 27, 1995)   Larry Hargraves (August 3, 1995)                         Edward Barry (August 10, 1995)

Charles Twitty (August 17, 1995)                              John Wertowitch (August 24, 1995)                        Quinto Erkoboni (August 31, 1995)

Jack Stockton (September 7, 1995)                          Charley Toleno (September 14, 1995)                   Michael Varone Jr. (September 21, 1995)

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