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The Lawrence Historical Society was formed on November 28, 1975 as a non-partisan non-profit organization. The Society 's purpose is to preserve and promote the history of Lawrence Township. 


The Society maintains two historical sites: the 1761 Brearley House, which is owned by Lawrence Township, and the 1830 Port Mercer Canal House, which is owned by the State of New Jersey. 

The Society's activities include monthly tours of the Brearley House, our annual Hogmanay bonfire, awards to outstanding history students, and programs and lectures to promote awareness of local history. 

Mission Statement

The Society's purpose is to preserve and promote the richly diverse history of Lawrence Township by building a bridge from the past to the future.

Board of Trustees



Joseph M. Ciccone

Vice President 

Paul Larson


Dana Maughan

Jeffrey A. Lang, Esq.


Mira Alden

Bruce Bitcover, DPM

Lietta Kahn

Alison Lichtenstein

James Stahl, Esq.

Clifford Williams, PhD

Judy Salcewicz

Emeritus Trustees

Bill Agress
Janet Bickal
Ruth Barringer
Paul Gatterdam

John Halvorsen
Jacqueline Haun

Katherine Meeker-Cohen
Laura Nawrocik

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