Lawrence Township Revisited

Lawrence Historical Society's book, Lawrence Township Revisited, is now available.  Part of Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series, the book contains over 200 photographs illustrating the past 150 years of township history.  A wide variety of subjects are covered in the book, including schools, businesses and neighborhoods.  A must-have for all history buffs, Lawrence Township Revisited also makes a great gift.  All profits from the book will support Lawrence Historical Society's programs and upkeep of the Brearley House and Port Mercer Canal House.


Order your copy today and help support Lawrence Historical Society.  Copies can be purchased at the Brearley House for $22 each or you may select to have your copy mailed to you.  To place a mail order, select the number of copies you wish to order from the drop-down below and click buy now.  If you don't have a PayPal account, you can check out as a guest by clicking the Don't Have a PayPal Account link on the check-out screen.  Shipping and tax included.

New Jersey 350

The State of New Jersey celebrated 350 years in 2014.  As part of the celebration, The Lawrence Historical Society published a set of seven articles about Lawrence history.  In addition to appearing in this space, printed copies were made available at society events and public buildings in the township.  The 2014 articles are the first seven in the list below.  The articles toward the bottom of the list are reprints of a set done by the township's Historical and Aesthetic Committee in 1964 as part of the New Jersey 300 celebration.  These articles were made possible through a grant from the Mercer County Culture and Heritage Commission.

Lewisville Road and African American History (2014)

Pole Farm: When Lawrence Was A Transatlantic Communications Hub (2014)

300 Years of History Along Route 206 (2014)

How Lawrence Township Became a Suburb  (2014)

Lawrence Township Street Names (2014)


Federal City Road (2014)


Prohibition Enforcement In Lawrence Township (2014)


The Lawrenceville School: Highlights of a Century and a Half (1964)


Maidenhead: The Early Days (1964)

Lawrence Township Minute Records: Yesterday and Today (1964)


Lawrence Township Revolutionary Highlights (1964)


The Smith Homesteads (1964)

Town Hall: Past-Present-Future (1964)



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